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About the Grumpy Marketers

The podcast that brings you the latest in authentic marketing every week.

We are a couple of normal fellas who hate all this marketing bullshit.

Marketing isn’t about buying the latest app, finding an unknown shortcut or hacking someone’s funnel.

Great marketing helps passionate people spread worthwhile ideas to people who’ll listen.

So delete your fake countdown timer, stop pretending your ebook is limited to the first 1,000 downloaders and get back to being a real human who cares about making a difference.

Your Hosts

Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

I’m 40. English. No kids yet. We live in the north of England with our somewhat grumpy cat Gwen, annoyingly energetic cat Kevin and tortoise Wilson (who does absolutely nothing).

I teach exactly what makes prospects pay attention and take action. Principles never expire.

When a new platform appears that puts Instagram and Facebook out of business, you’ll still know exactly what to do. Understanding these principles is an investment which pays you back over and over for the rest of your life.

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Al Elliott

Al Elliott

I’m 43, originally from the UK, but now spend my time travelling around Europe with my patient wife and not-so-patient ginger hound.

I am obsessive about conversion, and everything I do has one aim – to turn browsers into buyers.

Like Richard, I take no prisoners when it comes to marketing, and insist that my private consulting clients adopt the basic principles of marketing: Tell the right stories, to the right people in the right way.

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We cover most of the marketing spectrum, but always with an eye on the human element. Sure, we use the latest automation too, but only to encourage conversations.

The fundamentals of marketing

Handy tools and techniques to make your marketing work

Real-life stories about marketing that works


We don’t really have any lofty goals – we’re just a couple of middle-aged marketing nerds who like to chat about authentic marketing. Having said that, it would be cool if we could:

Help business owners to build great campaigns

Bring our listeners the latest marketing news that matters

Give you a head start using the lessons we’ve learnt from a combined 40 years in marketing

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