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Ep17: Clubhouse: The Next Big Thing, Or Another Flash In The Pan?’

It seems that everyone is talking about Clubhouse, the audio-only app that launched last year. We give our opinions on whether it’s any good, as well as our thoughts on the way they’ve marketed it (invite-only) and Richard’s experience as a new user. And, before you ask, no we don’t have any spare invites… 

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EP15: Sh*t we’re not going to do in 2021

The Statler & Waldorf of marketing are back to discuss all the bullshit around New Year resolutions and talk about the things they’re not going to do in 2021. Listen to hear us hate on AppSumo (because they’re clever fckers!), discuss Al’s new invention ‘The Circle of Give-a-Shittery’ and why being lean with time might … Read more

Ep14 Selling in a pandemic?

Ep14: Should we feel guilty about selling in a Pandemic?

We’ve had a lot of questions from listeners around selling during difficult times. Should we feel guilty? Should we pack up business and go home? Give it away for free? Discover our opinion on this, and hopefully, it will help you to make a better decision about running a business during difficult times.

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EP12: We’re back motherf*ckers!

Richard and Al explain why they’ve been ‘off air’ since Feb 2019. Listen in for a very honest, behind-the-scenes view of running a podcast as well as a business. Oh, and usual, we have a moan about the crap that marketing gurus are peddling.

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EP11: Three Marketing Lessons From The Streets Of Hanoi

You’d never think that a motorbike zooming through a crowded Asian market would offer a profound marketing lesson (or any kind of lesson for that matter, beyond ‘don’t ride motorbikes through the market’), yet…during a trip round Vietnam, Al experienced all kinds of weird and wonderful sights/sounds/smells/noises… …and realised a number of these provide valuable … Read more